Joby announces PodZilla, a flexible tripod for newbie content creators

Joby Podzilla

What you need to know

  • The Joby PodZilla is a flexible tripod that comes in medium and large configurations.
  • Kit options are available, bringing accessories into the mix.


Joby, a company famous for its mounts, tripods, and camera accessories, is out with a new flexible tripod by the name of PodZilla. Available in medium and large sizes, the tripod is designed specifically for new content creators, as well as those who are looking to branch out a little without going full-bore with accessories like the GorillaPod.

With prices starting at just 2,036. for the medium kit option as well as the large standalone tripod, PodZilla isn't likely to break too many banks. But that doesn't mean that it doesn't have all of the things aspiring content creators need, either.

PodZilla Medium is likely the option most will go for, with the kit option a compelling one for people who need a phone mount. The fact it comes in multiple colors really is just the icing on the cake.

Those who need a little more weight to their tripod can opt for the larger option, again with a kit variant on offer. The larger version is available in any color you want — so long as that happens to be gray.

All of these are available direct from Joby today.

With the hot new iPhone 13 Pro and IPhone 13 Pro Max now offering even more impressive camera capabilities than last year, these new Joby offerings could prove to be the best iPhone tripods around.